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T.V shows and me

Just recently, I confessed to loving my T.V shows like my best friends. So, naturally when one of my favourite T.V shows- ‘White Collar’ is ending for me, I am literally sobbing here.


The show ran on USA network for six seasons, the sixth being the shortest, with only six episodes. It aired its series finale on the 14th of December, 2014, more than three years ago.

But for me, the show is reaching its finale now. Just last week, I had a season five marathon. It was amazing! Watching back-to-back episodes of Neal and Mozzie’s camaraderie, Peter Burke’s efficient task management and Neal and Peter’s ever crackling chemistry just made my day! I had a two day marathon and I have already reached the sixth season, having completed watching the first two episodes.

That’s when I realized that I needed to go slow. I am only three episodes shy of watching the series finale. That is a big deal!

wc laugh

It’s not like I haven’t had a single show which had reached its end. ‘Gossip Girl’ ended way back in 2012. And I saw the final season last year in my Diwali Break. I know what the end was going to be like. It’s impossible to not know how your favourite T.V show ended when it’s all over the internet. But still, after watching the series finale and hating it as it killed off my favourite character (no one died, just the integrity of Dan Humphrey withered when he was revealed as the mysterious ‘Gossip Girl’. Why? Why? WHY?) I was moping around as if my best friend had shifted out of town. No more Gossip Girl. The thought made me incredibly sad. And the makers had successfully ruined all the re-runs for me with the reveal.


All my other favourites, ‘Grey’s Anatomy, *Vampire Diaries’, and *‘Castle’ are still running. And even if they end tomorrow, I am still several seasons (at best, two) behind. ‘Kyle XY’ was another favourite which was suddenly pulled off air. It was really unfair. But I daresay, with the passing of time, I got over it.


I also continually find new shows which perk my interests. ‘The Originals’, a spin-off of the Vampire Diaries seems promising and I have to watch all three seasons!  Then there is ‘Revenge, Beauty and the Beast, The Blacklist, Teen Wolf, The Night Shift, Chicago Fire, Chasing Life’ and how can I forget- the superhero shows- ‘The Flash’ and ‘The Arrow’. These are the shows whose trailers and episodes, some even complete seasons have been seen and devoured by me. Then there is another list of shows like ‘The 100, Sherlock, Super Girl’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ which I am yet to sample.

There are the one season wonders- shows which got cancelled after the first season- ‘Stalker, Containment, Eye Candy, Forever, The Secret Circle’, to name a few that need my watching.


But whenever even one of these shows end, for me, I am going to be sad. After watching the final four episodes, there will be no more ‘White Collar’. The thought only brings tears to my eyes. And it’s best I write this article now and not after having seen the last episode. What if Neal doesn’t clean up his act? What if he gets what he wants? What if……

I know, I am rambling now, not explaining myself. But to understand my fears, you need to be a T.V show freak and you need to love this show. And if you haven’t as yet seen it, then thank me and get on with it. After all, you have six glorious seasons of ‘White Collar’ to go through.

wc all seasons


When I wrote this article, both The Vampire Dairies and Castle were airing. I was upset when I did finally see the White Collar finale, so had decided not to post this article. But I am changing my mind now. I need to know all of your reactions to White Collar (even though it’s been years) and about the list of shows that I have mentioned here.


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Letting go…

Making a show work without its titular character is a tremendous responsibility. But some shows make it work. Grey’s Anatomy managed, if not flourished after Sandra Oh’s Christina Yang exited the show.
The Vampire Diaries did it after Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert sacrificed herself for her best friend, Bonnie. (I am yet to see this. But the show has been renewed for a new season, so I am guessing it’s doing well.)
But when I heard about the hugely popular ‘Castle’ having a season nine without Stana Katic’s Detective Beckett, I almost died. WHY?

stana katic
Here, in India, if a lead character wants to quit or is fired, a new actor is hired to play the same role, sometimes with a dowdy explanation, like plastic surgery or reincarnation. But mostly, the actor is simply replaced, the viewers accept the new face and the show goes on.
But in the U.S, shows go on, true, but the character is never officially replaced. He/she may be in a deadly coma, or could be portrayed as missing or simply killed off. Whatever the case, fans get to treasure the memory of the character and keep the face of the actor whenever they get nostalgic about the good old days. The makers introduce new characters, to keep the show running, and to make up for the absent protagonist.
Grey’s Anatomy has done a fabulous job. I have seen the season after Christina Yang’s exit. I will vouch for them. It’s not that I don’t miss Christina Yang. I do. I especially miss her scenes with Meredith and listening to her own personal mantras. But I will survive.
Ditto for The Vampire Diaries. I am yet to see Elena’s exit and the aftermath but I am sure that I will love it.
But Castle? Without Kate Beckett? Noo!

becjette 1
When I chanced upon the news online, I read up on all articles which claimed that ABC, the network airing Castle, had signed deals with other lead actors like Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle), Molly Quinn (Alexis Castle), Susan Sullivan (Martha Rogers), Jon Huertas (Detective Esposito) and Seamus Deaver (Detective Ryan) for a presumed season 9. The show hadn’t been as yet renewed for a new season but the actors had been retained after negotiations. There was also an article stating that season 9 would be the final season with only 13 episodes. Then there was the question of not continuing Stana Katic as lead protagonist Detective Kate Beckett and Tamala Jones as medical examiner Lanie Parish because of ‘budgetary’ concerns.
Fans had already taken sides. Some were going to watch the show, irrespective of Katic’s exit, while some were clamouring for the show itself to be cancelled. #nobeckettnocastle was trending on Twitter along with #nocastles9 and #cancelcastle.
Which side was I on? It was a very difficult question. Fans were also having angry debates online as to why was ABC really letting Katic go. Some claimed it was ‘Nathan Fillion’s backstabbing’ and ‘insecurity issues’ while others blamed Katic herself for her own ‘high handed behaviour’. Apparently she had taken a long time to sign for season 8, making the network anxious. What reports are actually true? Who knows?
But it made my decision difficult. I didn’t want Castle without Detective Kate Beckett but I know that if season 9 happened, I would watch it. I am loyal that way. And I would have been extremely curious to watch how they would take it forward, even if it was only for 13 episodes.

fun pic
I asked a few friends about their opinion. One friend was shocked like me, one didn’t reply and the third already knew about it. In fact, he was the one who notified me day before yesterday that the show was cancelled. There would be no season 9 for Castle.
ABC had made the decision for me and thousands of fans. And many, like me, were celebrating. I would have seen season 9, but I would have missed Beckett grievously and what if I had hated season 9? What if it had turned out to be the worst season?
I guess, truth be told, Castle could have ended a season or two earlier. I wouldn’t have minded. It’s better for a show to go off-air on a peak than on a landslide. But, it was good this way too.
According to the news, the makers had shot two episodes, one with a cliffhanger for a now cancelled season 9, and one with a happy ending, for a fitting finale.
Airing on the 16th of May in the US (and later in other countries), the finale is going to be the end of an era. It’s going to be difficult letting go. But let go I will, because the alternative, of no Kate Beckett, was too painful to even consider.

castle best pic