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Top Ten FB status’s that I will never upload on FB


Let me begin by saying that people judge you all the time. They judge you when you are talking, walking, dancing, writing, reading, doing something and when you are not doing something. So obviously, how can they miss your online persona? How you portray yourself on the numerous social networking sites that you are attached to decides the number of comments and likes you receive. You may not even care about them, but you receive them anyway.

A first-rate solution would be to stop having any connection to the internet, except for the basic bill payments, advance booking, great deals and research and information. But that doesn’t stop anyone from judging you. In fact, that’s another added thing they will judge you on. It’s like life is a reality show you are an unwilling part of and these people are the unwanted judges.

So, the next solution to this problem of being judged is to be careful. I know you may be carefree. You may not heed all the stupidity happening around you. But what’s the harm in being careful?

Last year, I learnt my lesson the hard way. I had posted a few beautiful lines about having a very bad day at work.

“One of those rare days when your beautifully sculpted mask falls off and you have no one to blame but yourself.”

I had compared that day to having the ‘mask’ that you wear falling off at inopportune times. A cousin commented on the same, asking me to seek her as she was ‘only a call away’. I didn’t have her number, wasn’t close to her and found the comment stupid. I ignored the comment.

Somehow, the next time she met my parents, she informed them ‘that their daughter does weird stuff online’. This just served to freak my mother out. She came home demanding me to show her my online activities, worried that my cousin might be right. I just got majorly pissed off. What was wrong with my cousin? I was stupid enough to accept her friend request. I went ahead and blocked her and a couple of other people. But I don’t think the ‘block’ remains for long, I noticed them ‘liking’ and ‘commenting’ on my posts. How were they even receiving them?

The result of this unfortunate experience was that I stopped accepting friend requests and thought twice before posting anything anywhere. It was painful in the beginning but it’s a lot easier now.

I am still suffering from the repercussions. My mother is no longer as trusting as she was, even though she didn’t find anything wrong with my online activities. But she did make a valid point, “We cannot predict or control the way other people react or interpret what you write, post or share. Maybe your cousin was praising you, but I got it wrong.” True that. (Though I don’t think my cousin was praising me and I doubt my mother gets anything wrong.) So let’s be more careful. You’d think I had posted pictures of myself in sexy lingerie, though there’s nothing wrong in that. It’s my body and if I’m confident enough to post pictures, then so be it. But I’m definitely not prepared for the reactions. If such a beautiful statement (I thought it was particularly good, what with me wanting to become a writer) can become a big issue, then anything can happen in this world.

There have so many times that I haven’t uploaded a particular status, afraid of the various reactions. But I guess, I can write them here, as hardly anyone reads my blog. This is pretty much a safe online way of expressing myself. In case you are wondering, then yes, I actually wrote these status’s down before I forget them.

  • ‘Have you seen Jacqueline Fernandez’s legs in ‘Sau Tarah Ke’? Does anyone agree that she looks insanely hot? So much so that I barely noticed John and Varun? Kaavya Patel, I know you would agree.’

: A girl crushing on another girl. I don’t think it’s that acceptable yet.


  • ‘I know that the world doesn’t revolve around me. But I sometimes wish it did.’

: This is pretty self-explanatory.




  • ‘You have exhausted you net pack. HOW I HATE THESE WORDS!’

: The whole world (my odd 400 or so friends) does not need to know how fast I go through my allotted net pack. My brother knowing it is enough.


  • ‘Listening to this sexy track’

: I have already put this one up, just in a different variation of words, unfortunately, ‘SEXY’ remained. I realized quite belatedly that I have kids that I teach as my ‘Friends’. NOT. GOOD.


  • ‘How can this guy, ____________ (insert celebrity’s name) be so hot?’

: Same reason: kids.

Also, my family and friends judge me for crushing on guys’ way beyond my league.


  • ‘Reading this masterpiece: Insert Book’s Name’

: Apart from the comments trolling your choice of masterpiece, you also get people saying, “You and your books.” Cue eye roll.


  • ‘Watching this movie at this theatre, this seat with this group of friends or friend.’

: I am simply not comfortable letting others know my exact location and activity.


  • ‘People treat you like SHIT all the time. It’s up to you whether you let them or no.’

: Easier said than done.


  • I HATE MY ____________ (life, parents, work, etc.)

: People like knowing about the ‘GOOD’ parts of your life. Chances are they are not going to respond, call up the person you claim to hate and bitch about you, or be sympathetic. Basically, don’t put it out there.



  • ‘Missing my old life. Want a better one.’

: My father retired recently. And we have shifted homes. I am finding it difficult to adjust to the new place, the elongated travel time and many other things. But ADJUSTMENT should be a woman’s middle name, right? I will be judged on my inability to like it, and I will be judged about complaining about it online and the major part who don’t know what I am talking about will judge me and my life.


Who wants the hassle of unwanted attention? Write these words in your personal diary or on a blog that no one reads.

Oh wait. That’s what I am doing.

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Star se setting

Listening to the radio after many years, I didn’t even know the shows that were on air. I did, however remember the time slots- one early morning show, one afternoon show, one early evening, and the last night shift. Generally, the names of the shows would depend on the time slot and the R.J hosting it. I do recollect all the famous R.J’s- namely Anurag Pandey (didn’t catch him on air), Jeeturaj (Radio Mirchi) and of course, Mumbai’s favourite Malishka from Red FM!
I was listening to the ‘Best of Malishka’ one Saturday morning when I came across one of her special segments, “Star se setting”. I was under the impression that she asked the stars that came on her show to do a little something for their particular or lucky fans.

It turned out to be the exact opposite. The winning fan (winning a Radio Contest) would get an once-in-a-lifetime chance to interact personally with their favourite star in the Radio Station. They were to ask whatever they wanted during their interaction with the star! That itself sounds too good to be true. Of course, winning the contest is the most difficult thing here. It requires an abundance of luck, something, which I lack, in the special areas of game shows, quizzes or general crowd events.
But, what’s the harm in trying? Though my second favourite star has clearly come and gone. That’s right; Sidharth Malhotra was the ‘Star’ when I caught the show’s rerun.
He interacted with his die-hard fan Monica (who actually knows his home, his dog’s name, Oscar, and his daily schedule and god knows what else?). If Sidharth even ever retweets my posts on ‘Twitter’, that will be all for me. At least it will prove that I am tweeting right and the tweets are reaching his handle.
So, Monica asked him how he spent his time with his dog. Malishka was stumped at this. What sort of a question was this, she said. I also agree, but as Monica was the one whose extensive knowledge about Sidharth’s personal life led me knowing that he had a dog in the first place, I will quell my complains. Maybe she couldn’t think straight when Sidharth was staring at her. I will forgive her this question. Sidharth however answered the question. He said that he runs lines with Oscar, his dog, which was apparently more helpful than doing the same with his co-stars (a dig at his colleagues or just being witty?). According to Malishka, the entire time that he answered Monica’s varied questions; he looked right in her eyes and even held her hand at one point. That’s it! ‘Monica is not going to marry anyone for the next ten years!’ Malishka predicted. It could actually turn out to be true. I mean, have you seen Sidharth Malhotra?

I am definitely going to participate in this contest; both Sidharth and Shahid (my first favourite actor) would be expected to promote their respective films, ‘Baar Baar Dekho ’ and ‘Rangoon’, out in September 2016.

m with s

There is a slim chance of me winning the contest, but my questions should be ready. After all, if I do win, I will be too busy planning my outfit and maybe even consider applying some select make-up. I will not find time to think hard for those very important questions which I would get to ask on his face!
Here are my Top Ten questions (would-be-asked-if-I-won) for Sidharth Malhotra:

1) When is your birthday?
I know that it sounds dumb for a fan. But I have incorrect information on his exact big day. Is it in December, January, February or March? If he asks, I will give him an entire clarification for the question. This clarification will be only for him, not for you, dear readers. Malishka can edit this one, if she wants. Or she can let the other fans benefit, or poke fun at me.

2) Will you ever play an extremely dangerous and handsome villain in any film? (‘Ek Villain’ doesn’t count. He only played the villain. He was actually the suffering ‘hero’.)

3) You recently (2015) visited New Zealand. What was the best part of the trip?
I have already read a full-fledged interview covering his trip with exclusive pictures as well. It was published in a leading film magazine. But an interview will cover only so much. There must be something that we fans, are not aware of.

4) Does Sidharth Malhotra have a secret personal diary?
I have one. Or one too many. So I would like to know. Does he write about his day? Or about his experience on set? Maybe he could write a memoir?

5) What is the first thing that you check when you pick up your phone in the morning?
I switch off the alarm and then check for any updates that I may have missed during the night.

6) Do you like to read? If yes, who are your favourite authors?
If the answer to this would be a ‘yes’, I would literally be jumping with joy! We will definitely need more than five minutes to finish our conversation then! I can go on and on about reading, which is why I guess, once my principal discovered that I love reading, she invited me as a Guest Speaker during the celebrations of ‘Reading day’ in school.

7) Are you a fan of Marvel Studios ‘Avengers’ movies? Who is your favourite amongst them?
This one is purely for fun!

8) Which are your upcoming movies?
I kinda know this answer, but maybe he will have signed more interesting movies by then.

9) I would request him to sign his autograph on a copy of his coloured photograph (NOT A SELFIE). I want a complete Sid standing beside me, not just his gorgeous face.
10) I would like to dance with him on the insane track, ‘Ladki beautiful kar gayi chull’ from his latest flick! It is such a fun song, a complete dance rhythm with funky lyrics! I LOVE THIS SONG!!ladki-beautiful-kar-gayi-chull (6) And imagine, dancing with Sid, next to him on THIS song!

And if he can ignore Katrina Kaif, his co-star in ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ for those five minutes (like he apparently did Alia Bhatt, his rumoured girlfriend and co-star in ‘Kapoor and sons’ which he was promoting then, according to Malishka. This made Monica’s day!) I will be the happiest! Not because he would be ignoring the stunning Katrina but because all his undivided attention would be on the not-so-stunning moi!
For those five minutes, Sidharth will be talking to me! I am already smiling, as I can picture it clearly in my imaginative mind.

Thank you Malishka for giving me this dreamlike opportunity, now only if I win!

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My Top Ten


I have realised, quite belatedly, that though my blog is royally called ‘all about Anushree’, it is, anything but that. There is hardly little or nothing ‘about Anushree’ on the blog. Quite like the Royal Queen herself, whose name and title is the one and only thing everyone is aware of. Apart from that, she is shrouded in mystery. And yet, she is the ‘Queen’.
I am no ‘Queen’. Queen of Babble, maybe, seeing as to how I love to talk and can actually talk for hours. But I guess, not everyone knows that, because I don’t warm everyone’s ears. That is for a privileged few.
So today, I introduce you to ‘Ten Idiosyncrasies of Anushree Deshpande’. Of course, there are more than ten existing, but, ten, I think, is enough for now. And these are the very best (or rather, the worst, depends on how you see them) on display. Here goes:
1) I maintain a personal journal. Or diary, as I like to call it. Yes, the typical ‘Dear Diary’ stuff. I had received suggestions from friends to name my diary, like Anne Frank’s ‘Kitty’, but I preferred diary to a name. I was inspired by my elder brother, who used to write a journal, when he was a teenager. He kicked the habit long before he grew out of his teens and I picked it up before I joined them, at twelve.
For the longest period, my ‘diary’ has been, is and will be my first and only ‘true’ best friend.

2) For some unknown reason, I use nail polish only on my left hand, whose nails I grow and treat lovingly. The right hand and feet do not see their nails maintained, as they get regularly chopped off. Nail polish does make its way on the feet, but it doesn’t make any impact. And I don’t even care. If the nails of the left hand are shining, polished using the Laxme Twilight mauve shade 9a personal favourite) I am happy!

3) I do not like ‘Mango’. That is a big understatement. I totally hate it! I cannot stand the smell, cannot put it in my mouth without puking and cannot understand the hue and cry surrounding the ‘King of all fruits’. But then, I don’t like and can totally survive without any or all fruits. I can understand not getting the ‘king’ part.

My parents tried every trick in the book to get me to ‘appreciate’ the beauty that is the mango; beginning from its once-in-a year occurrence and it’s outwardly appearance, but nothing worked. Get this! My birthday falls in the ‘mango month’ of May and I may be the only one not enjoying the fruit of their lifetime (pun intended)

4) I am a total bookworm. So much so that I prefer them over people. Even though books have people within them. I prefer the ‘fictional’ people over the ‘real’ people because more often than not the fictional people are more real than and the real are well, fictional.
Books and I share a unique friendship. The smell of new books is just bliss! Even the Kindle versions are lapped up by me. I can read the whole day and even pull an all-nighter (a special for me) for a great book!

5) I am not a night-owl. I prefer the mornings. Getting up at four is easier for me then sleeping at four. Even when I was a student, I never burnt the midnight oil. The dawn calls to me and I feel like I have accomplished something simply by getting up then! There are also times, when I wake up even before the off. How cool is that?

6) I am a total ‘List’ and ‘Timetable’ person. My old diaries are filled with ‘Things to do’, ‘Things not to do’, ‘Things I need to buy’, ‘Things I should learn’ and other lists. Then there are the timetables. I love making them and try my level best to follow them to the‘t’. Be it examinations or holidays, preparations were always made using timetables. I also had a ‘checklist’ having titles like ‘brush two times a day’ in them not leave even mundane tasks. And you can see that, half my articles are listed and numbered, including this one.

7) Mathematics, like mango is not for me. I never got the whole point of mathematical concepts like subtraction, addition, multiplication, division and what not. Sure, it is useful in daily life to a great extent and I am thankful to my primary teachers for teaching me right. But real numbers, prime numbers, odd numbers, even numbers, integers, infinitives, natural numbers… am I missing ‘fake’ and ‘unnatural’ numbers. Yes, I claim to hate them but I actually remember them. Because I have pulled out my hair out a lot because of them, cried copious amounts of tears, been embarrassed as I just didn’t get it “right” and laughed at by the geniuses who loved maths. They were definitely brilliant. I know that. I even admire that. But I, most definitely, am not dumb. Not because hate maths. Seriously, what about ‘’, ‘surds’ and the stupid ‘Trigonometry’? What about it? This is what is really dumb? With a capital ‘D’.

8) I am very very boy crazy. I have fixated crushes. (in my friend’s words) I even love fictional book characters. All of them! Starting with the insatiable Christian Grey to the oh-so-perfect Edward Cullen. My choices range from the field of sports to the glamour world. I am also very loyal to my crushes. I still celebrate Shahid Kapoor’s birthday (I know he’s married and it broke my heart, but hey, he found someone to give his heart to. Very cheesy. Very me.)

I had written a fan letter to Daniel Radcliffe (the actor who played ‘Harry Potter’ in the film franchise) complete with a poem penned by me. Imagine my surprise when I actually receive a reply, not hand written but with an autographed photographed! Swoon! I am currently in love with Sidharth Malhotra and am planning to write a letter to him too.

9) I am a die-hard Swiftie- a Taylor Swift fan! I don’t know how or when it happened, but suddenly I found myself singing along with her, knowing the lyrics of all her songs and loving them and buying her latest ‘1989’ as soon as I could. Somehow, her songs connect. Her life story inspires. Her words? They rock! Yes, I am officially in love with Taylor Swift. Do you happen to have a ticket to her next concert? (the ‘1989’ tour is over! Sob! Her ‘World’ didn’t include India.)

10) I love my T.V shows. A lot. I live and laugh and cry with my favourite characters. I mope around when I feel sad and when the show airs its finale. I hunt for new ‘favourites’. And no, I am not partial to English shows, though they are definitely well made, with the ‘season’ format. But Hindi and Marathi shows rock too. For a little while, till they mess up the plot, or storyline or the leads. Whichever happens first. But I love my T.V shows and will love them forever.
So now, I am guessing you know me a little better. Not ‘All about Anushree’ but ‘Fun about Anushree’.

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My Top Ten New Pairings in Bollyland!

There are some actors whom you want to see together on screen. Some of them you have seen together and some you haven’t. They may have been in the same frame or movie but not paired together. Or they may have done a T.V commercial or music video leading you to be awestruck or wondering ‘how have these two not worked in a movie together?’
I have many such pairs in mind, both from Hollywood and Bollywood. Today, I tackle our Bollyland. I list them below. I hope the casting directors, producers and fellow fans sit up and take notice. And if you have more interesting pairings in mind, I will be very glad to know.

1) Shahid Kapoor- Deepika Padukone
Both of them have been in the industry for many years now and both are good looking, talented and great dancers. It’s absolutely beyond my Bollywood mind how these two haven’t done a single movie together till now. And I refuse to believe they haven’t been offered one. In fact, if my memory serves me right- Raj Kumar Santoshi’s ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani’ was supposedly offered to them before going to Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Even if these are simply rumours, I am only going to egg them on. I want to see Shahid and Deepika together. Preferably, in a romantic flick. With lots of dances. Anybody listening?

2) Sidharth Malhotra- Yami Gautam
They are the Brand Ambassadors of a popular Ice Cream and have appeared in several cute advertisements. They have great chemistry in those adverts and look superb with each other. I will definitely be buying a ticket to see these two working together in a movie.


3) Hrithik Roshan- Sonam Kapoor
They have appeared jointly in a T.V advertisement promoting a mobile company and then the very lovely music video of Honey Singh’s soulful ‘Dheere Dheere’. They looked regal together. If a producer is making a story on ‘Kings and Queens’, I will scream and point at Hrithik-Sonam!


4) Ranveer Singh- Alia Bhatt
This one will be one unusual romance. It could be a sweet and predictable sap story or do-or-die fiery tale, whatever the case; these two will stars will light up the screen with their sheer personalities and combined acting power! I am looking forward to see this movie being announced.

5) Salman Khan- Anushka Sharma
Somehow, just the thought of these two in one frame have gotten me all excited! In fact, I can already picture it; both of them beating the crap outta villains (if it’s an action-adventure), tickling the funny bone of the audience (if it’s a comic caper) or making us cry our eyes out (if it’s a tragic love story). I wonder how none of the above has happened yet?


6) Ranbir Kapoor- Shraddha Kapoor
It could be a ‘Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani’ meets ‘Aashiqui 2’. Ranbir and Shraddha will look so hot together. Maybe they could play runaway thiefs escaping the police after a jewel heist, ekdum Dhoom ishstlye! OMG! Aditya Chopra, cast them in ‘Dhoom 4’ already as good baddies!


7) Arjun Kapoor- Ilena D’Cruz
This one could be magic, if the right director handled them, say Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his larger-than-life sagas or Karan Johar’s ever stylish stories. I am sure they could make it work. Or maybe we could do a test drive by putting them in an Ad together?


8) Varun Dhawan- Deepika Padukone
They were supposed to work together in the Hindi remake of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ but I have no idea if that movie is happening or not. Since the announcement though, my mind has been stuck on these two. I am curious to know how they would look in a movie if paired opposite each other. (And fans like my sister-in-law, who loves Varun dearly and admires Deepika, would catch the movie first day first show)


9) Sidharth Malhotra- Kriti Sanon
This one is bound to happen. Did you feel their chemistry in the advertorial they did together promoting a clothing brand? Did it burn your T.V set? Or were you too busy being awed by their dance moves? Oh! Stop the waiting already!

10)Tiger Shroff- Athiya Shetty
Both are tall. Both are fit. A movie on martial arts, maybe something akin to the Kajol starrer ‘Dushman’ where Tiger trains Athiya, would be a delight to watch. I can already picture Athiya getting in vicious punches with Tiger keeping her straight. Maybe a dream scenario can lead to a song in the snow-clad mountains. Or a fight sequence where Athiya and Tiger square off together. I am getting too ahead of myself here.


Basically, I need these movies RIGHT NOW!